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v2 Off Grid Tower


Discover the revolution in power generation with our mobile photovoltaic generator! Designed for maximum mobility, this detachable device can be easily transported in pick-up trucks or as a practical tow trolley. Its purpose is isolated power generation (OFF Grid) to supply low-power electrical equipment, such as communications antennas and cameras, ideal for the agricultural, industrial and large-scale mining areas. This generator knows no limits: completely mobile, capable of generating and storing power anywhere and anytime where connection to a conventional electrical grid is impossible. It also features a 1,100 VA photovoltaic system with a 6,000 W autonomy. Our generator is equipped with an integrated camera that allows you to monitor any area in real-time, whether for security, project supervision or control. Thanks to its exclusive design by Itechmaint, it stands as a robust solution, ready to challenge hostile environments such as the Atacama Desert or high mountains. This technological equipment is as simple as placing and turning on to operate. A plug-and-play solution that redefines simplicity in power generation! With our technology, we offer the flexibility and autonomy needed to meet energy demands in challenging environments, providing an efficient and reliable response to energy needs in places where connection to the conventional electrical grid is simply not feasible. Raise your expectations with our cutting-edge mobile photovoltaic generator!

  • 1.- Autonomy and Clean Energy
    Autonomy and the use of clean energy provide efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, contributing to the creation of a more resilient and sustainable energy future.
  • 2.- Easy to Transport
    The Repeater Tower’s easy transportability not only expands its utility in a variety of environments, but also provides flexible and sustainable energy solutions in situations where mobility and accessibility are critical.
  • 3.- Complies with Mining Standards
    It rigorously complies with demanding mining standards. Every aspect of its design and construction has been conceived with the commitment to meet and exceed established regulations. This not only ensures its optimal functionality in challenging mining environments, but also its full compliance with the safety and efficiency protocols governing this industry.
  • 4.- Electropainting Treatment
    Provides superior protection and colors compared to liquid paint. It is also known as oven painting, electrocoating, powder coating, electro-enameling, and electropainting.
  • 5.- Hot-dip Galvanized Chassis
    The hot-dip galvanizing process involves applying zinc surface coatings to iron and steel parts and elements by immersing them in baths of molten zinc at a temperature of 450°C.
  • Simplified equipment for hard-to-access terrains
  • Maximum safety and stabilization of telescopic tower
  • Features wireless connection
  • Energy autonomy
  • Degree of protection for extreme environments
  • 24/7 energy availability
  • Exclusive design
  • Monitoring system (PTZ – Dome)
  • Stainless steel mast
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